Back on the grid

Some of my regular readers will have noticed that things have been rather quiet on my blog over recent months. Not because there hasn’t been anything newsworthy happening in the world of family law – far from it (no fault divorce, anyone?).   I’ve been on maternity leave, enjoying spending time raising my strong-willed daughter and indulging in a little time out from the world of law for the first time in well over a decade.

It has been refreshing to have some time out.  I think it’s extremely healthy to completely switch off, re-centre and re-focus, but sadly today’s world doesn’t allow us to do that perhaps as often as we would like. Technology, social media and the fact that we are all constantly glued to our phones means that it is easy to remain available and succumb to the temptation of “just checking in”, for fear of missing out.

I would be lying if I said I had completely switched off whilst away – my little Twitter community has unknowingly kept me company on what could otherwise have been some long, quiet days (I’m not a fan of daytime TV), but I have had a good break and thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the world of life with a newborn, spending time with my lovely partner raising our fast-growing little girl.

Whilst away, I was delighted to have been shortlisted for Associate of the Year in the Family Law Awards 2018. This involved a trip to London for the awards dinner itself and a night out with my team (with my partner and our then 2 ½ month old daughter holed up in a nearby hotel for the evening!).  It was an honour to be shortlisted alongside some really inspiring lawyers, and to have been recognised for my work in the lead up to my maternity leave.

I was also over the moon to have been re-elected to the Resolution National Committee in April.  The organisation has been working tirelessly over the past year on some really thorny issues and I can’t wait to get stuck in again on my return.

I’m looking forward to coming back refreshed, refocused and with a whole new set of skills I never dreamed motherhood would give me.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to reconnect, or think I may be able to help you.


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