Resolution National Committee elections

Alongside the day job, I am actively involved in Resolution, the membership organisation for family lawyers.

I have been a Resolution member since my student days and joined the Bristol Young Resolution committee as a family trainee. I became chair a couple of years ago and was involved in setting up a national YRes working party after brainstorming ideas with Sue Gunn, Director of Membership Support, over a glass of wine at National Conference.

Last year, YRes was launched on a national scale, and due to the support that we have received, Resolution now has a permanent National YRes Committee, which I am delighted to have been appointed to chair.

As part of my national role, for the last 9 months I have been sitting on the Resolution National Committee as the co-opted YRes representative and have enjoyed being able to contribute to the development of our organisation as a junior practitioner. This year, I’m standing for election as a permanent committee member as I feel passionately about ensuring that YRes has a permanent voice within the running of Resolution.

All Resolution members will be receiving information about the NC elections, the candidates and ballot papers in the post over the next few days.  If you are a Resolution member reading this, please do ensure that you vote this year to ensure that you, as a member, have the opportunity to appoint the NC representatives that you want voicing your views within the organisation. Don’t forget it’s an STV system (not first past the post) so think about how this can affect your vote!

Please do show your support for the NC elections, and the candidates standing, by sharing information on social media. I’ll be posting on Linked In and Twitter using the following accounts – please do follow/post/tweet/retweet!

Twitter: @legal_eyed

Linked In:

For members of the public, if you would like to find out more about the organisation that I am involved with and our approach to resolving family law issues, please click here.

My election bio is set out below for reference.

Together with a handful of other junior family lawyers, I helped to establish YRes nationally in 2015. I am now Chair of the National YRes Committee and was co-opted on to National Committee nine months ago to ensure that the voice of our YRes members is heard.

Resolution (in particular the Code of Practice) has shaped my approach to family law since I was a student. For the last three years, I have been chair of Bristol YRes and continue to work hard to promote the Resolution ethos to YRes members in my region and nationwide.

I am passionate about YRes and ensuring our junior practitioners are an integral part of Resolution in their early years and throughout their careers. I am committed to ensuring that our YRes members are at the heart of all of Resolution’s decisions and are instrumental in shaping the future of family law.

Many thanks for your support.

Best wishes


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